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Horse laminitis

EQ | 10 Jun 2019

Laminitis causes and treatment using cryotherapy

What is laminitis in horses?

Laminitis is a disease that affects the hooves of the horse. Due to inflammation and swelling of the tissue, blood flow towards the laminae is constricted. Eventually, the hoof will be deprived of oxygen and nutrients, which causes cell damage. Unless caught in the early stages of the disease, laminitis can often lead to lameness.

Causes of laminitis

There are a lot of factors that cause laminitis in horses. A high-carb diet, obesity, stress and severe infection are some of the known causes of laminitis.

Treatment of laminitis

Throughout history, applying ice to the infected area has been used to cure laminitis in horses. However, the meltwater from the ice often leads to infection of the sensitive area. Recent studies have shown that cryotherapy using liquid nitrogen is more effective and efficient in targeting the wounded area with significantly fewer chances of infection.

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