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Horse cryotherapy

EQ | 19 Jun 2019

Cryotherapy for your horse’s post-exercise recovery

Submerging a whole human body in an ice bath, or entering a cryo chamber, can rejuvenate muscles almost instantaneously and significantly boosts overall health. Cryotherapy should have similar payoffs for other mammals and, true enough cryotherapy on horses exhibits almost the same benefits as it does for humans.

A cryo session starts with your horse surrounded by ice-cold vapour inside a cryo chamber. This lasts for around six to eight minutes. After the session, horses display almost complete muscle recovery and improved metabolism.

Treatment of Laminitis

Laminitis has been one of the worst enemies of horse trainers and owners alike. It is characterized by inflammation of the laminae of the foot. It often leaves horses in extreme pain or worse, lame. In the past, icing the area has been used to treat laminitis. However, melt water from the ice used often led to complications such as infections.

With cryotherapy, there is no chance of a wound getting infected, as bacteria and other organisms cannot survive at temperatures as low as -140°c. Whether you are looking for a quick post-exercise programme or a more holistic treatment for your horse, cryotherapy is efficient in its methods and effective in its outcomes.

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