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EQ | 03 Feb 2020

CNN visits REVIVE® at Zabeel Racing Stables

A revolutionary machine is taking the world’s horseracing industry by storm. REVIVE® EQ°Cryo is the world’s first successful cryotherapy cabin for horses. Developed by Dubai-based start-up REVIVE®, the cabin helps horses train harder, recover faster and race more often.

The science behind cryotherapy has been around for centuries. Contemporary professional athletes frequently include whole-body cryotherapy in their training routines, to help soothe muscle pain after training and to optimise their physical performance. Sharing much of the same physiology, horses can also enjoy the same physical and mental benefits from whole-body cryotherapy.

REVIVE® General Manager Luka Jurkovic, talking to CNN: “In an industry where race winnings are now measured in millions of dollars, even the smallest competitive edge for a racehorse can mean a huge return on investment for the stables and the owners.”

Learn more about equestrian cryotherapy by watching the full CNN feature with Emerging Markets editor John Defterios here.

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