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Horse recovery

EQ | 16 Jun 2019

Equine rehabilitation: the role of cryotherapy in recovery

Cold therapy has been around for many years now. Professional athletes sometimes ice down after strenuous activity and bounce back to peak physical condition at a faster rate. The same is true for horses. Trainers have been known to submerge their horses’ legs in buckets of ice water after a race. And while there are still more studies to be done to support this, the fact remains that horses recover faster with cold therapy.


Icing down a horse’s leg has been done before. But icing down a whole horse to achieve a more holistic recovery program for the horse, was always a challenge. For one, a huge amount of ice is needed. Hosing down using extremely cold water is also an option, but it doesn’t lower the temperature of the horse to the desired range.

With cryotherapy, a horse is fully submerged in cold, dry vapour that reaches desired low temperatures at a much faster rate. A session that lasts six to eight minutes is more than enough to get your horse back in top physical condition. Reap the benefits of equine cryotherapy for your horse today.

Contact us to learn more about using cryotherapy in aiding in your horse’s rehabilitation.

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